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Intuitive Multi Instrumentalist Composer ā€¢ Billboard Top 40 Radio Singer ā€¢ Storyteller ā€¢ (Sound) Wave Maker


Billboard Top 40 Pop Music, Film Soundtracks, and Holiday Favorites


ReTune your Day. Transpose your World. Crystal Clear Sounds to Harmonize your Heart.


YOU SOUND DIVINE Weekly Podcast to ReTune your Heart and Transpose your World.

Charleene Closshey's album cover, Aligned.

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Modern Science Meets Ancient Peace

Charleene Closshey's album cover, Aligned.

Energy Psychology

Join Charleene Closshey at theĀ 25th Annual International Energy Psychology Conference as she presents

“Science Behind the Art of Sound – Crystal Singing Bowls to Mantra”

ScienceĀ andĀ ArtĀ harmonize at the point where learned intellectĀ and innate intelligenceĀ collide. Here lies our most potent potential – our memory of wholeness.

Join in person or online!

June 1-5, 2023
Baltimore, MD

Photo of Charleene Closshey
Photo of Charleene Closshey

About Charleene Closshey

Classically trained musician, intuitive composer, and storyteller Charleene Closshey conducts music from beyond, using specific hertz frequencies to evoke energy shifts for listeners, weaving classic western harmonic structures with esoteric principles.

Charleene Closshey is a musician’s sound healer. She is able to seamlessly integrate decades of classical music studies with quantum healing modalities, whether working one-on-one with individuals or with the masses across radio airwaves.

Charleeneā€™s mainstream pop music tops Billboard Top 40 charts. Sheā€™s performed on Broadway, starred in films, and sung opera in Rome, and even duel fiddled with Charlie Daniels. She produces albums with multi Grammy winning teams and composes film scores, her compositions lauded to ā€œbreak the mold.” Her music has even blessed by the Pope.

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