Crystal Singing Bowl Meditations

Go deeper with guided crystal singing bowl meditations led by multidimensional medium Charleene Closshey.

Let the crystalline tones of quartz crystal singing bowls tuned to 432 hertz relax your heart and tone your life.

Each session dives into powerful themes, asking you to realign your focus, release what no longer serves, and receive blessings for new beginnings.

The piezoelectric effect of the 99.9% pure quartz crystal singing bowls connects with the viewer’s energy fields, bringing unbalanced energy systems into greater ease and resonance. No two sessions are ever the same.

Open your heart, and feel the vibrations with otherworldly guided crystal singing bowl meditations.

Join me live on Insight Timer or YouTube.

Experience Crystal Singing Bowls Live

Charleene plays 13 chromatically tuned quartz crystal singing bowls, similar to one full octave on a piano (counting all the black and white keys). Her decades of western music theory and musicology understanding helps Charleene craft very specific overtones using intervallic relationships to generate more tension and then release, creating significant energetic renewal for listeners.

Crystal singing bowls are sound healing instruments that have recently garnered popularity thanks to their physiologically therapeutic and spiritually meditative capabilities. Bowls are made from high-quality quartz crystal, played by striking the sides, rubbing the edges, or gently tapping with a mallet or wand. The bowls produce a crystalline pure sound, perfect for sound healing, meditation, and relaxation.

Charleene’s white crystal bowls are 99.99% pure quartz and are produced by heating silica quartz crystal, then rapidly cooling and shaping the quartz giving the bowls a frosted appearance. These bowls produce a warm, rich sound. Each bowl is well-tempered and tuned to a central pitch of 432 hertz. Proponents of the 432 Hz frequency contend these frequencies create a more harmonious and peaceful tone better suited for healing and relaxation. Some believe that the 432 Hz frequency has the power to promote positive energy, creativity, and a sense of well-being.