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Aligned - Healing Frequency Music

Healing Frequency Music

Modern Science Meets

Ancient Peace

Aligned Carries Frequencies Scientifically Shown to Heal the Mind & Body

Aligned - Healing Frequency Music




 Align By Your Sign

With the stars as your guide, let your astrological sign influence your listening. Find out which healing frequency music track best supports your biofield. The (night) sky is the limit!

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“One of the most unique albums of its style for a decade at least…it gifts the holder and listener a musical experience of tone and vibration that they are unlikely to forget.

This mammoth body of work has certainly put the genre of New Age music firmly back on the map, and this is going to be an album that should take the charts by storm.”

– One World Music Radio

ReTune your cells for healing

You are over 30 trillion cells vibrating, constantly moving towards homeostasis.

When a cell goes out of tune, disease becomes possible.
Re-tuning the body is much like tuning an orchestra – it starts at the level of vibration.

Science now shows specific extremely low frequencies (ELFs) stimulate the body’s longest cranial nerve – the vagus nerve – calming anxiety by lowering blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing thereby improving overall mental health.

Other ELFs directly activate and enliven red blood cells, promoting circulatory health and healing. Certain low frequencies (40 hertz) can relieve chronic pain. Binaural beats enable our brainwaves to achieve specific states, including alpha (calming) and theta (deep meditative) wave patterns. Spiritually oriented chants reinvigorate red blood cells, boost increased mental alertness while simultaneously relaxing the body, and even possibly protect the brain from harmful cellular EMFs. Vibrational medicine is the frontier of integrative healing.

ALIGNED tracks are specifically crafted to hold these healing frequencies, and more.

Add to the physical healing potential by connecting to the “song of the stars” with this healing frequency music.

Esoteric science attributes certain psychological and physical effects to the planets. The gravitational pull of heavenly bodies affect us on unconscious levels, attributable to characters of myth and legend: Venus connects us to love and beauty, while Mars builds motivation and action, and Mercury directs our communication and cooperation. Astrology and psychology explain these subtle phenomena. Activate the tones and frequencies of each planet to awaken your desired archetypal behavioral patterns.

Charleene Closshey

Award-winning intuitive composer, multi-instrumentalist, and cosmic polymath Charleene Closshey first appeared on stage at the age of 2 — the same year she began studying piano and reading music scores. Fusing her decades of classical Western music training with Eastern vibrational sciences, Charleene intuitively scores music tuned to specific hertz frequencies. Much of her music carries extremely low frequencies (ELFs) inaudible to the human ear but distinctly felt in listeners’ bodies. These frequencies (especially around 12 hertz) are scientifically shown to positively stimulate the body’s longest and most impacting cranial nerve – the “wandering” vagus nerve. 

Planetary Healing Frequency Music