SHIFT to greater flow this season!

It’s the holidays!

Ripe with spiritual opportunity and grace.

Are you supported to receive the blessing?

Let me help support your seasonal shift and transformation!

Get ALIGNED to Joy ✨

Frequency-Enhanced Music 🎵 to Support High-Vibration Living from the Fall Equinox 🍁 thru the Winter Holidays ❄️

Revitalize Your Spirit

Restore Your Soul

Reclaim Your Joy

Yes, You can SHIFT from Stress and “Doing” to a more Joyful “Being”… even during the Holidays!

The natural shift from summer to fall & fall to winter is a time when our soul – our body’s visceral ‘knowing’ – calls us to slow down, gather our energy, and go within to nurture ourselves. Yet, these natural rhythms can be at odds with external expectations (the “doing”) which push us to do more…

Let this inspiring collection of frequency-enhanced music support you in aligning to grace and joy, this season and all the year long.



4 Unique “Designer Music” Frequency-Enhanced Music Tracks

  • Grounding into Peacefind your inner calm in a chaotic world
  • Integration of Forgivenessembody radical forgiveness & acceptance
  • Celebration of Loveexperience viscerally this “reason for the season”
  • Living from Joygive yourself permission to free your soul & live from joy

PLUS… an inspirational introduction to each musical meditation and a guide for optimizing your life with these intentional frequencies.

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Charleene Closshey is a classically trained Multi-Instrumentalist, Composer, Vocalist, Actress, TEDx Speaker, Author & Creator of The Archetypes of Sound™.

Charleene is an emerging thought-leader and researcher into the effects of musical frequencies on the human mind, body, and spirit.

Audiences worldwide know her for her starring roles in movies and on Broadway, her uplifting vocals on Billboard Top 40 radio, and her award-winning film scores and intuitively composed music empirically shown to carry healing frequencies said to “break the mold.” With her innovative concerts coupled with a deep knowledge of sacred sound and quantum mechanics, Charleene has been called “intelligent, soulful, and inspiring,” quickly confirming her as a next generation Sound Healing and the top authority on The Archetypes of Sound™ and Frequency-Enhanced Living™.

She is a voting member of the Recording Academy (Grammy Awards®), certified Primordial Sound Meditation instructor, Vedic Mantra Chikitsa therapist, 200-RYT yoga instructor, and animal advocate. Charleene is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Natural Medicine studying frequency in music as a direct cellular repatterning healing modality.