Meet Charleene

Billboard Top 40 Radio Artist
Film & Broadway Star
New Age Music
Spiritual Sound Alchemist


singer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, actress, producer, author


Charleene Closshey is a classically-trained multi-instrumentalist, award-winning composer, vocalist, actress, and author.

Audiences worldwide know her for her roles in films and on Broadway , her uplifting vocals, and her intuitively composed music empirically shown to carry healing frequencies. Charleene’s innovative concerts and knowledge of sacred sound are quickly confirming her as a next generation Sound Healing authority. She’s a voting Grammy® member, certified Primordial Sound Meditation guide, Mantra Chikitsa therapist, 200 RYT yoga instructor, cat lover, and quantum physics enthusiast. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Natural Medicine, studying sound & music as a healing modality.

“I grew up in the winter strawberry capital of the world (Plant City, Florida) on a healthy diet of the Beach Boys, Sunday School, and donut holes.

“My best friend (and Type A) mother learned piano when she was pregnant with me, which is why I read music before words and started playing piano at age 2. Then violin. Then voice. And about a dozen other instruments along the way.

Classical and New Age music made my heart sing.

And, acting was always my jam, especially since my dad wanted me to be a karate expert and my mom wanted me to be a horsewoman. I figured I could play those roles someday in movies. Which I did, among others. And that was cool. But, my heart still didn’t feel fully seen.

I’ve always been able to see energy quite clearly.

“I talk to angels (though, don’t most of us?!), hear what some people call the Music of the Spheres, get pulled out of bed in the middle of the night because music (apparently only audible to my ears) is waaaaay too loud. I put my hands on people, and they suddenly begin to feel better. People tell me they listen to my music because it calms their mind. (And here I always thought it was because they grooved those crazy polyrhythmic neoclassical fusion elements I so stealthily threw into a pop track). Songs come to mind as soon as you walk into the room, telling me what’s up with you.

“I sometimes feel like a musical mood ring.

“I’m über-disciplined, which, as a classically trained musician, comes with the territory. Except now I apply that structure to my inner self, studying and dissecting pretty much any and everything I can get my hands on related to spirituality, science, the collective consciousness, God, the Divine, Shakti, esoteric understanding… Because I’ve heard it’s all the same.

My meditative silence is solid gold.


“Many paths to experience one Truth. We just call “It” by different nomenclatures. Which, too, is cool.

“My paths brought me from dirt roads to Broadway, from concert halls to Hollywood. Now, they bring me to you, because the sounds around you should be just as penetrating as the silence you have within.”