Sound Healing is “Frequency Medicine”

“Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies.”
~Albert Einstein

Make Music Your Medicine

Fusing her decades of classical Western music training with Eastern vibrational sciences, Charleene intuitively scores music tuned to specific hertz frequencies. Much of her music carries extremely low frequencies (ELFs) inaudible to the human ear but distinctly felt in listeners’ bodies. These frequencies (especially around 12 hertz) are scientifically shown to positively stimulate the body’s longest and most impacting cranial nerve – the “wandering” vagus nerve.

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Retune the body with specially crafted frequencies fused into relaxing chill vibes to promote cellular homeostasis.


Open Seas

Tibetan Peace

Afternoon Alchemy


Sonic “gong showers” refresh the physiology with balanced broad spectrum white noise, gently stimulating white blood cells.

Planetary Alignment – Venus Gong Shower (442Hz)

Planetary Alignment – Mercury Gong Shower (448.5Hz)

Planetary Alignment – Neptune Gong Shower (448Hz)

Planetary Alignment – Sedna Gong Shower (431Hz)

calm + heal

Calm Your Mind, Heal Your Body

Stimulate your vagus nerve with this FREE alchemic meditation!

Scientifically proven to begin rebalancing your autonomic nervous system, stabilizing your physical body and improving mental health.